Gold Coast

Saturday 12th May, (Surfers Paradise).

Surfers Paradise; what can one say to sum up the beauty of the place. We have now been there, seen that and had a picnic at a park on the edge of the beach. We even felt that smug, that we sent an SMS message to Narrelle and Matthew telling them we were picnicking on the beach, which resulted in Narrelle replying with their present location and suggested we would be better off there, but I took it as sarcasm as I’m sure it was intended. We are definitely returning here and spending some time, preferably closer to the beaches so it would be within walking distance.

Well we did get in one day of looking around, so we did at least see the area, and we now know what to expect when we return.

Even though we crossed the border into Queensland today on our travels it will be on to Queensland for an extended time tomorrow so this could be an opportune time to end this chapter and start another.