Coff’s Harbour

Saturday 5th May, (Coff’s Harbour).

A trip to the Botanic Gardens in Coff’s today was an enjoyable outing as this particular Botanical Garden was in fact what the name suggests, a garden of natural plants, but they did have areas which contain plants of other areas and countries. A leisurely stroll for a couple of hours taking heaps of photos, in fact I found it wasn’t long before I had filled the data cartridge in the camera which holds about 75 pics, and before we knew it we decided we should have made a full day of it as we were getting hungry and had to go get something to eat. We will return there before we leave and have a look at what we missed out on.

After lunch we had a look around the jetty area, this is an area bustling with activity with fish markets, and I suppose it was busier today as the Endeavour (the old restored tall ship) had paid a visit to Coff’s and was open for inspection. One of the many break-walls in the jetty area was connected to one of the islands just off shore so we took the opportunity to walk out to the island, which is a breeding ground for mutton-birds, and has a boardwalk across it so as to enable people to traverse the island without causing any damage.

We have been in Coff’s for 4 days now, which would be about our normal stay duration but I can see that we will be here for more than the week we booked in for.