Childers, Gladstone

Wednesday 16th May, (Childers/ Gladstone).

Yesterday we travelled approximately 300Km and stayed at Childers, yes this is the Childers renowned for the backpackers hostel fire a year or two ago, and stayed in a nice park in the township. We then decided that we were both feeling rather good with our travelling effort so far so we would do another travel leg the following day, today, and made it to Gladstone. The park we chose to stay at showed winning attitudes as soon as we entered, with the friendliness of management. They showed willingness to assist with any request we made of them. I had intended to have a service done on the car, and the air conditioner serviced, and when I asked if they could recommend a mechanic they not only suggested, but rang a motor mechanic and arranged for him to do the work this afternoon and it was done, and an air man will visit the park at 8am tomorrow to check the conditioner. I would not expect this sort of service from any park. Apart from that, this park appears to be one of the better that we have stayed at, drive through sites, concrete next to van and plenty of trees for shade at most times of the day.

Now that our work has been done we have tomorrow to have a quick look around the area and generally relax before we head off on our travels again on Friday.