Saturday 26th May, (Cairns).

I am surprised to see that it has been a full week since I have written anything, but I guess we have been busy travelling to get to Cairns and when we have not been travelling we (I) have been resting after the extra driving.

We are now at Cairns, and it has been 3 days since we arrived, which surprises me again that I have not put pen to screen. I guess we have waited for so long to reach Cairns and enjoy the weather that now we are here putting words down has been a low priority. Since staying at Mackay we travelled on to Ayr and stayed two days for another rest, which was just as well because when we left there with the intention of stopping at Mission Beach, we in fact travelled on to Cairns because we couldn’t wait to get there. This trip was the longest we have encountered while towing the caravan, which made it a rather long day. Since we have been here we have basically had a major clean up of the caravan and car, as this needs doing on a regular basis. When we arrived here we stopped at the first park we came to as it was late in the day and approaching peak traffic hour, and I don’t like driving in a strange area with the caravan on the back, so we also had a look at several other parks around Cairns with the idea of moving on to one that would be more centrally situated to things we intend to do. We have decided on a park close to the city centre, but towards, and among, the mountains just inland. This looked like a very nice park, surrounded by hills and must have things to do like mountain walks, which we would both be interested in so we are moving on to there tomorrow. From here we are also close to the chair lift and scenic railway and other attractions that we intend to visit. Most attractions in the Cairns area provide courtesy coaches to pick up and drop off clients at home, but I think the park we are staying at the moment is too far out of town to qualify, which is a pity because this park is quite nice with all sites having en-suites and a cheap price that makes it quite a worthwhile stay, but as I mentioned it is too far from anything.

The weather: what can one say to describe something that is almost perfect without sounding somehow biased or whatever. The past week at Cairns has been one of which the locals call a cold snap, and apparently the lowest average temperature has been the lowest on record, but I find temperatures of 9° to 10° at night time very tolerable and easy to handle. I am of the mind at the moment of staying in this area for as long as possible before we have to return to Brisbane and having a quick drive back as we did coming up: but we will have to see what eventuates.

I also picked up the memory card for the camera and have had a chance to have a play with it. I was astonished to find that the camera, with the 64Mb card, will still not permit me to make settings of maximum resolution and no compression, indicating still that there is not enough memory. This somehow does not surprise me so much as the file size of the third highest setting is about 6Mb and that is an awful large photo file so I guess 3.3Megapixel and no compression must require in the order of the full 64Mb. Never mind though as the new card does give me the ability to take very good quality shots, heaps more resolution than I have been using, and still be capable of 96 shots on the card where 75 on the minimum setting is all I could get with the small card.