Monday 14th May, (Brisbane).

I have found that Brisbane seems to be a very driver friendly city compared to Melbourne and Sydney. Yesterday didn’t seem to give me that impression, then I did drive straight into the city area with the van on behind before familiarising myself with the area like I have in the other cities, but today driving without the van on the back things were much easier. The traffic seemed to flow a lot more freely with a lot less congestion and hassles, which resulted in us finding our way around a lot easier making our travels a lot more enjoyable. What is also making a difference is Linda starting to learn a little about navigating, which ultimately takes a lot of pressure from me trying to locate streets by name and such.

We had a trip to the airport because Linda had heard about a lolly shop in the area that she just had to visit, and this did result in us buying a lolly supply to last us a fair while without having to buy any more and saved a fair bit by doing so as well. We also went up Mount Coot-tha, forgive me if I miss- spelled it, which is west of the city and gives great views of most of the Brisbane area.

Otherwise a relaxing day was had, a chance to have a good chat with Deris and Danny to catch up with things as it has been such a long time, and took the opportunity to fill both tanks, petrol and gas, with fuel while it is about 20 cents each per litre cheaper than what we have been paying recently.

I found an Internet site today that was offering memory cards suitable for my camera at what seem to be very reasonable prices, so I ordered one. The card I presently have is a 16Mb capacity, which may seem a fair size, but it is not enough for me to take many photos of a high resolution and low compression of which the camera is capable. In fact the camera will not permit me to make settings for maximum resolution, 3.3Mb, and with no compression, TIF files, because it indicates that there will not be enough memory so I have for a long while been wanting a larger card to experiment with pics taken at a larger resolution. I actually found that this web site offered 64Mb cards for the same price as I was quoted direct from Kodak at their staff canteen so I ordered one of these rather than a 32Mb that I had been considering. This will give me the opportunity to take larger res snaps all the time, which will result in a much better quality, or heaps more at the same res as I have been using, either way it will be a winner.

We will be off closer to Cairns tomorrow so I must get some rest now for the journey.