Chapter 8


Sunday 13th May (Mothers day), (Brisbane).

We had a leisurely drive from Tweed Heads to Brisbane today, about 100km, and are now parked in Deris and Danny’s front yard.

It turns out that it was a pleasure to leave the caravan park we had just been staying at as it was situated right next to the local sewer treatment plant and last night in particular the breeze occasionally blew in the right direction for the aroma to travel in our direction, this accompanied by the aeroplanes taking off from the airport the other side of the sewer plant and over the park at 5.30 am convinced us that we would never stay there again.

It is a pleasure on my part to finally get to Brisbane because it has come to light that I can’t recall the last time I have met Deris’s husband Danny, I have since been informed that I have met him once in Melbourne since their wedding while I was there on an 8 ball trip about 20 years ago, but I can’t remember as I would have a hard time remembering anything from that trip, so I have now had a chance to meet him again.

Deris and Danny are off to work early in the morning so we will be on our own to find our way to wherever we decide to go sightseeing, but that shouldn’t be a problem, Danny did give me some advice about a law that applies in Brisbane where it is an offence to drive into the city and stop the vehicle to drop somebody off, which I consider is handy to know as the penalty is quite a hefty fine. The reason for this law is apparently to prevent anyone from driving into the city instead of using public transport, Welcome to Queensland!!