Thursday 5th April, (Sydney).

I was right about the legs being sore after the long walks yesterday, with both calf muscles rather tender. In the early hours of the day they weren’t too bad so we decided to return to the city for a look via the ferries that run in the area. We purchased a day pass that entitled us to catch ferries anywhere any time for the duration of the day so we intended to travel about the harbour and just have a quick look at some areas and then have a look around the city, but, the legs became worse as the day went on so there was not much walking done, and when we arrived home much difficulty was experienced so I was glad to be home and sit and relax. It seems a great enjoyable habit of mine; being able to just sit and relax, and I find I can manage to achieve this very easily indeed.

There are no plans on doing anything tomorrow, except pack in readiness to move on further on Saturday, and take another trip with Sue tomorrow evening to visit a niece, which, I reckon could be just as well as I don’t know wether my legs will improve by then.