Wednesday 4th April, (Sydney).

The Blue Mountains, What a scenic area it is, awe inspiring, couldn’t believe our eyes, Tasmania has everything that the mainland has but not as big as this, how can I some up what we saw in easy terms. We are still struck with what we saw, to the extent that we could have just stayed there and admired the scenery. I took a heap of pictures, but I am not sure the immensity of the area will present itself as I would hope in the pics, such as the depth of the cliffs and such.

We went on a walk along several walking tracks and I personally was not very happy with the construction of the walking tracks as they were obviously not constructed for the average person of my age group, or older, with levels of low to minimum exercise. Most of the steps were much too high and spaced too far apart, which took large amount of effort to traverse, they were also in very poor state of repair, so I now feel as though I am going to have difficulty walking tomorrow or the next day, if not both.

On one of the walks we came across a snake, which I came very close to needing attention of a medical nature after nearly treading on it. I noticed it curled up on the track and my first impression was of it being a large lizard, and while attempting to tell Linda to look it made a lunge at me, missing me by centimetres, and it then became apparent that it was in fact a snake. When I backtracked several paces and turned to tell Linda to keep her distance, she couldn’t be seen for the dust she left in the rush to get away. The snake would have been about 1 meter long, or a little more, and you can see about half of him in the pic.

I could go on talking about this area for ages, but all I can suggest is that you have a look for yourself if and when you are in Sydney, it is a must see.

Sister Sue took us for a drive into the city this evening as a request after a friend had insisted that one must see Darling Harbour at night, and I can only sum up the sight in a similar manner as that of the Blue Mountains. The sight of the city was impressive to the degree that I was expecting something similar to that of Melbourne, but we were surprised to find it remarkably different, as it is. Linda summed it up by saying that Melbourne gives the impression of an old established city whereas Sydney appears to be rather newly constructed.