Chapter 7

Return to Sydney

Sunday 1st April, (Sydney).

We have now returned to Sydney and back in the caravan. We stayed at Narrelle’s Friday night and at Gundagai Saturday night, we didn’t do any sightseeing on the way back because we were only interested in getting back. We are going to stay here for a few days and then continue our tour north.

Although we enjoyed our trip home tremendously, it is very good to be back as we are really getting used to this life of ease and travel and look very much forward to continuing.

I made contact with an old friend tonight via MSN Messenger, an “E-mail” connected utility that Matthew connected me to when home. I met up with this friend on the ferry across Bass Strait when we came over here in January, he was on his way to Sydney to live, as there was not enough work in Tassie, and prior to then I hadn’t met him for some years. This electronic system indicated to me that he was on line when I logged on to e-mail so I had a short on line chat and after getting his phone number I called him so we could make arrangements to meet while we are here. It turns out that he is working near Newcastle at the moment so I hope to meet up with him while we are in that area.