Port Macquarie

Wednesday 18th April, (Port Macquarie).

We have finally moved on to Port Macquarie and given up our rest period. This rest period was very enjoyable and we both welcomed it. It was so relaxing that I hardly even took any photographs, but then there was not a lot to see in the area. We did have a look further around the coast at Old Bar and noticed some surfers so I decided to have a play with the camera taking bursts of photos. Although the bursts, series of pics, turned out ok, I don’t think I will have the use for it in the future because the number of pics taken in a burst is restricted to a maximum of 3 per second, not enough to make it look like a movie, and the play back can only be similar to a slide show.

Anyway Port Macquarie seems to be quite a lovely place and the caravan park we picked to stay at is almost perfect, situated on the breakwater and very close to the city centre. The cost is a little dearer than the other parks, but I guess you pay for the location, and after checking some other parks we decided even though dearer the convenience of this park was worth it for this time. We won’t be using expensive parks often because the budget just will not allow it.

We have decided that we will be staying between here and Coff’s Harbour for an extended period until we can find a solution to Linda’s headache as it is getting the better of her. From what I see of this town it won’t be difficult to fill in time at all.

I had the chance today to finally make arrangements to make the investment with Matthew and his business and organised a cheque to be made out and sent to him and to make his day I sent him an SMS message informing him and his response was what I had expected. I guess when he receives the cheque his day will really be made, so I hope he puts it to good use and the business benefits from it. This would make me rather happy, not only because it would be financially beneficial to me but I would know that Matthew and his family would be benefiting also. We will just have to wait and see.