Nambucca Heads

Saturday 28th April, (Nambucca Heads).

We went for a tour of some of the local scenery today and this time when we drove along a forest drive we were quite surprised to see exactly that. The forest is called Way-Way, and it is situated a few kilometres south of Nambucca, we mainly only drove along the road to get to a lookout but were surprised to see what we did and it made the trip well worth it. The lookout was a little disappointing though; it was advertised as a 360 degree panoramic view and it might have been if the mountaintop wasn’t covered with towers and buildings to house the associated equipment. The views were still worth the trip, except it was a little hazy so the pics didn’t turn out too well.

We also visited the ‘Pub with no beer, the pub made famous by Slim Dusty’s song and about 20 kms west of Nambucca, and saw what we expected; a country pub taking advantage of the publicity it has received, but still I can say I have seen the pub with no beer.