Nambucca Heads

Wednesday 25th April, (Nambucca Heads).

We have moved on to Nambucca Heads, about 50km south of Coff’s Harbour. White Albatross is the name of the park we are staying at and a very nice park it is, it only emphasises the reason we are enjoying this lifestyle and gives us the feeling that we could just stay here and relax and do nothing, not that we do a great deal but relax anyway. I think the week we are booked in here will be easily filled in as there are a lot of walks in the area and I should finally get that fishing license and do some fishing, I actually got my gear out the other day and cleaned the reels and checked me gear to make sure I have enough: and it seems I do, so now all I have to do is use it.

We seem to have hit it off with a couple in the caravan on next-door site; it has only been our first meeting. They are in a different situation where they are still working and waiting for the day when they can pack up and travel under the same circumstances, the main thing that stops them is the fact that they still have one child at home. I haven’t as yet determined what his occupation is, or what times they work, but they mentioned they take 5 days off at the end of each month and get away in the caravan.

We saw another, what we called, wonder of nature today as we noticed some fish jumping out of the water in the lagoon we are parked next to at the caravan park. To our knowledge we have not seen fish jumping like these do, not so repetitively anyway. Our new friends next door tell us they are Leaping Mullet and they jump out of the water quite frequently and the unfortunate thing about them is they just won’t be caught on a rod. Catching one, if it were possible, would be a waste of time anyway as Linda said she never would be able to cook, let alone eat, one because it would be like doing the same to a pet.