Tuesday 10th April, (Belmont).

Tuesday and things are not looking good, I have plenty of time to sit down and write a few words because it is raining and looks like it has set in, not nice for packing up in. We normally pack up the day before we are due to move so we don’t have much to do on the day, hence no early mornings to meet the required 10am book out time, but if the rain keeps up I might have to leave it until the morning and see what happens then. Normally in this situation we would book in for another day or so and wait for good weather but this time we must vacate tomorrow due to bookings, so rain, hail or shine we must pack up anyway. It looks like sitting round in the van all day because I won’t get Linda out in the car due to the reports of a large number of accidents and areas of spot flooding, so it looks like being a nice quiet day a home.

Things have happened in the caravan park that have convinced us that we won’t stay at this park again, such as an incident in the ladies amenities this morning. The sign on the door says “closed for cleaning between 1015 till 1130” so Linda went for a shower at 0945 and they were wanting to clean at that time. When she pointed out the times, they agreed she would have time to shower and said they only came to clean because they had finished the gents. Almost immediately after turning her shower on they came in and started cleaning anyway, which angered Linda especially when one of the cleaners was a male. Linda, like most women I suppose, is a bit of a prude and won’t undress in the presence of other women let alone a man. Fortunately for her, due to her quiet mannered nature, there was another woman in the shower block who was equally unimpressed and preceded to tell them what she thought of their ideas and lack of consideration of campers. A similar incident occurred to me the other day, but at the time it was of no great concern, when female staff started to clean the gents amenities early when I was half way through a shower. My main concern with caravan parks and their amenities cleaning habits are that they, and this includes a lot of parks, don’t show a great deal of concern for campers because they generally want to clean amenities around the 10:00 am area and I find that this is when I and other campers are wanting to use the amenities. Anyway back to this park, I also find the management are not very friendly and cooperative. That was the impression given when we booked in and also yesterday when I asked the question of what restrictions they have on vehicle washing, and whether they had a car wash area, when the answer, although informative, was curt and as though I was wasting her time asking trivial questions, or perhaps this was a miss-interpretation due to the lack of smile and friendliness. Whatever anyway it doesn’t leave us with a good impression, so we are unlikely to recommend this park to anyone, a pity because the park itself is quite nice. One can only put these remarks in his report on parks we stay in for future reference.