Tuesday 27th March, (Tassie).

We arrived safely in Tassie yesterday and successfully managed to surprise my sister Joan at George Town, but daughter in law, I think guessed we may have been coming by little slips Matthew gave over the few days. Louisa, his wife, can tell when he is not completely telling the truth. Anyway all were glad to see us and Linda was certainly glad to see Elly, granddaughter, as was I, I must admit.

I have also taken the opportunity to talk to Matt about how his business is progressing and I think we have come to some arrangement where I am to make a financial investment in the company to give it some cash flow and a chance to pick up sooner. He is to work out the details and come up with a contract, if we deem necessary, giving me a portion of the business. If this all works out successfully then I will go ahead with the investment. I find it surprising that we had a severe misunderstanding early in his setting up of the business where I understood, mistakenly, that he didn’t want assistance, when all along he wasn’t game enough to ask me if I would give assistance with an investment.

Wouldn’t you believe that it apparently has not rained in Launceston for a long while and there has been the occasional rain ever since we arrived in Tassie?