Thursday 8th March, (Narooma).

The rain is back again, but not until after we started our move. We are now in Narooma, after travelling through Wallaga Lake, between Bermagui and Narooma. We had originally decided that we would most likely stay at Wallaga but when we travelled through we weren’t very impressed with the area so we travelled on. The caravan park we selected there indicated that it was ideally situated between the lake and the beach; it had shops and petrol etc, etc. The park was close to the lake but the beach was not to be seen, I estimate a kilometre or so away, the “shops” were a small Kiosk and the petrol was one pump, I didn’t even bother to check the price. The park itself, as far as we could see, didn’t look all that flash, but the rainy conditions could have had a bearing on this. This all is not bagging the caravan park(s), they may have been as good as anywhere else, but our initial impressions weren’t much of a turn on, we would prefer, I think, to be closer to a township for ease of shopping etc.

We had a rare experience when we arrived at Narooma and turned up at the Big 4 Park we selected to find the office closed with a sign on the window saying “if wishing to check in to this park enquiries should be placed at the office of the caravan park across the road”. My initial impression was of disbelief, until checking with the other park revealed that they are both owned by the same people and they were going through a process of combining the two parks and both becoming Big 4 members, so we drove the car and van across the road and stayed at this one, not a bad park either.