Saturday 10th March, (Narooma).

The events of yesterday were of a boat with 4 men upending in the rough weather outside the entrance to the bay, unfortunately resulting in the loss of life of one of them.

I don’t know how rough it was out there yesterday but I thought this was rough enough and today is a very still day.

A walk around the bay was today’s mission and to have a good look around the bay and the entrance to it. The locals have spent a lot of thought and effort into building rock walls on either side of the channel winding all the way from the bridge to the entrance to obviously keep it clear of sand, so I would hate to consider how bad the entrance could have been before this construction, apparently in 1976.

The whole area is very picturesque and is a fishermen’s Mecca, I keep saying that one of these days I will purchase a fishing license but I know what will happen; I won’t be bothered going fishing, because it’s not my scene, or Linda will baulk at eating anything I would catch because she is not a fish eater. So I guess I will just have to see what eventuates, it would fill in a bit of time though.

A nice long walk was had so now it’s time to sit down and relax.

Tuesday 13th March, (Narooma).

Sunday being a day for relaxation, we exercised that privilege exactly how it was meant to be.

Monday was an extra day here for the purpose of getting Linda’s eyes and glasses checked and due to the fact that it rained again most of the day that was all that was achieved for the day. It turns out that her glasses may have not been constructed properly, well they were but this Optometrist thinks that one aspect built in to the lenses could have waited until she has gotten a little more used to using them so he has taken them to fit a new lens to replace one of them. Since she has not been reading for the last few days her headaches have cleared up so hopefully the diagnosis is correct and they may not return. Anyway another day was basically spent relaxing again, which I do not mind at all.