Friday 9th March, (Narooma).

I did some touring on my own today because Linda is suffering from headaches and we are trying to determine what is the cause. It appears that she has had the headaches since she purchased her new glasses, and coincidently when we started our travels. We visited an optometrist today to make an appointment for a check of her eyes and the glasses provided, the appointment is for Monday. The receptionist, after discussions, bought to light that it could have something to do with the fact that Linda is doing more travel in the car than she would normally, using different muscles in the neck etc. Hence my lone travel today due to Linda not reading or travelling for a few days so we can eliminate and or determine what is the cause of these headaches.

I travelled back along the route along the coast that we travelled yesterday, and further where we didn’t travel, and the area looks completely different on a clear and sunny day, which I forgot to mention that today’s weather is very fine and warm. I still think we made the right decision in travelling on to Narooma, as my reasoning yesterday seemed to be correct about Wallaga Lakes area although it is a nice area it is not what we were led to believe it to be.

I also travelled on further to Bermagui, which is a place we must stay at if we are ever back in this area because it is a place one could spend a fair amount of time having a look about the area.

I am once again surprised that the entire coastline is as rugged as it is with very nice beaches along the entire area.

I took a heap of pictures today so Linda may not miss much of the scenery.

After my return home something amiss obviously occurred off the shore near the caravan park as warning sirens sounded, ambulances roared down to the area and a rescue helicopter from Canberra was in the area and a fellow camper informed me that it must have been rather bad for the chopper to attend. I guess if it was that bad we will hear it in the news, I could have gone over to see what happened but there were obviously plenty of onlookers in the area already without me interfering.