Tuesday 6th March, (Eden).

My apologies to NSW at this stage because after finding out that the mail still wasn’t here a phone call to Matthew revealed that he hadn’t yet sent it, I was not very happy. As it turns out our stay in Eden may not be delayed by not receiving mail because it is at present raining rather heavily and it is forecast for the next 3 or 4 days, this being the case we won’t be packing up in the rain.

The southern end of Ben Boyd national park was our visiting destination today, the rain didn’t start until our return and it looked as if it had been raining here for a long period. This area again has a very rugged coastline with strange coloured rocks. I took several photos of the rocks but due to the overcast conditions they didn’t turn out to the extent of showing the true colour, hence none inserted at this point.

Oh well better try and find something to do for the rest of the day as we won’t be going anywhere with this rain.

Wednesday 7th March, (Eden).

The rain has stopped today, can’t you trust weather forecasters, and so we have packed up ready for a move tomorrow if my mail turns up. We have not decided where to go this time as we have decided to travel further each leg so we improve our chances of getting to Cairns before we return to Brisbane in October. We went for a drive to Bega and Tathra today, as I needed to find a tobacconist and to have a look at Tathra because we have decided not to stay there on our next leg. Tathra is a nice place on a large beach and I am quite sure we would have enjoyed staying there, but we can always visit there if we return to this area.