Friday 2nd March, (Eden).

Would you believe that the mobile worked perfectly last night, so if it doesn’t fail why upgrade. I am wondering wether the problem may be the standard of service in Victoria because that is the only area where I have had problems, only time will tell.

A trip to Ben Boyd National Park and Merimbula today was an eye opener in more ways than one. First, I have had to change my opinion of what I thought the countryside in the area was like, I thought it would be similar to that of the East coast of Tassie but in fact it is rather mountainous and rugged more like West coast of Tassie. I have had to give up worrying about fuel economy because of all the up and down steep hills that we will have to traverse until we pass Sydney, so they tell me. The scenery is rather picturesque though.

Another eye opener was when photographing some rugged rocky precipices at Haycock Point at the tip of the national park and Linda suggested that I return to the main shore and take a picture of her waving from the top of these rocks. See below for a picture.

Linda is not real happy with heights at the best of times without looking at a photo like this afterwards.

We went on to Merimbula mainly to look for a large supermarket to purchase a few things not available in Eden. Narrelle (daughter) had previously warned us not to bother staying at Merimbula because it was too touristy and we both now understand what she meant. I am not extremely happy staying in places of this nature because nothing seems real and everybody there only seems to be interested in fleecing the tourist. The fuel prices, for example, are 5 cents per litre dearer than Eden and being a much larger town one would think the prices would be cheaper. We looked at caravan parks and prices when we returned home to find out that they are dearer as well and we weren’t impressed after checking out one of the parks which was of a lower rating than the one we are at now and still dearer. We had fish and chips for lunch and paid what we thought was far in excess of what would be normal; $12,40 for a piece of fish each, $2,00 of chips and a bottle of coke.

Anyway we have done a fair bit of walking today so a planned trip to a waterfall will have to wait until later and so it was time to return home for a little relaxation.

For the first time on our trip we have met a couple who are very friendly and are prepared to sit down with us for an hour or so before tea and just chat. There was another couple we made friends with at Toora in Victoria, but that time it was us that made the moves to be friendly, but here it is the other couple. It is natural that we are going to strike up relationships such as this and I hope there are a lot more because this is how one acquires a little of knowledge of what is ahead, swap information with them and share a few tips for travelling.