Chapter 6

New South Wales

Thursday 1st March 2001, (Eden).

Well Hello New South Wales, we are now camped at Eden and I think the name speaks for itself. When we came over the mountains toward Eden there was almost a view, obstructed by trees, very much like coming over St Mary’s pass on the east coast of Tassie looking over the coast line, very picturesque and a good look at a lot of the coastline and beaches. It is a pity the trees are so tall because I am sure the view would have been rather spectacular. There seems to be heaps to do around this area so we are already talking about staying longer than the seven days that we are already booked in for.Anyway today was the usual first day in a new township by setting up camp, having a quick look around the town and visiting the local information centre for tourist information. The little elderly woman at the info centre turned out to be a wealth of knowledge about the area and started to cram us with details, even distances to places, so we had to stop her before we started to forget what she was telling us. We appeased her by saying that we would return if and when we need more info about other things to do.

That’s about all for today, as I must now try to work out a problem with my mobile phone working on the Internet so I can decide whether or not to upgrade to another later model.