Batemans Bay

Wednesday 14th March, (Batemans Bay).

We have moved on again, this time to Batemans Bay. We had initially considered staying at Broulee, which is not far North of Narooma, but when we arrived there we were set back with what did not reach our expectations, and the fact that it was not very far from where we were staying, we decided to go on further. We checked out a few parks along the way and decided to stick to what we know with Big 4 and booked into the local one, with our discount the price was no more than other parks.

I am now starting to give a lot of consideration to which route to take from here so as to hopefully avoid the central area of Sydney, getting used to Melbourne was bad enough and Sydney looks worse. We will have to consider where caravan parks are in relation to where my sister Sue lives, as we intend visiting her on our way, as one close by would be very handy. I may have to purchase a Sydways, the equivalent to Melways, so it may be easier to find my way around.

I purchased a new set of tyres for the panel van today, as they were needed. Before we left Tassie for our journey I purchased a set of alloys from a friend of Paul, the brother in law, and along with them came a set of tyres that were almost worn out. These tyres and wheels are a little wider than normal and I have became accustomed to having them on the car, so I was a little particular with what I wanted to buy. I originally wanted to purchase something with a little higher profile so the rear end of the car would be higher to help with airflow over the caravan. The salesman set me straight on the formula in determining the profile rating, which is not a set dimension from rim to outside tyre as I thought but a percentage of the width of the tyre, and he explained that the size tyre on the vehicle was a standard for that size wheel, so to attain a little more height I actually purchase a larger pair for the rear, being wider with the same profile rating so therefore the tyre actually sits a little higher. My decision to do this will only prove itself when I do more towing and see if performance increases.

Before I made this large outlay in expense we visited the local Botanical Gardens, which differed to the norm. These gardens are actually about 5 kilometres out of town, which Linda found very surprising, then we found that the gardens are new and still under construction after fires went through the area several years ago, so it now made sense that they are outside town, and they are utilising land that otherwise would have been wasted. It will be interesting to visit the gardens again when back in the area to see the changes over the years.

Our visit to the gardens was cut short due to, yes you guessed it, more rain and I was going to once again make the statement that we got the opportunity to relax and do nothing, but I now realise how stupid it was to use this terminology in the first place when every day has its fare share of relaxation when you live the lifestyle we are.

We plan a trip to the local zoo tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, as we want more pictures of animals to place in a booklet we are making up to send to the grand-daughter Elly-Rose.