Batemans Bay

Friday 16th March, (Batemans Bay).

For a small township close to Batemans Bay, Mogo has quite a good Zoo with quite a range of animals. This gave us a very good opportunity to take plenty of photo’s to put in Elly’s photo book, so now we have a good deal of work to do in building the booklet. Mogo itself, as I said, is a small outback township on the highway about 8 kilometres south of Batemans Bay and the locals have taken this advantage in tempting the tourist to stop and shop. The township is presented in such a manner, as it is just too tempting not to stop, hence the large amount of parked cars in the area.

Today was mostly taken up by obtaining appropriate maps and directories to enable, hopefully, ease of travel through Sydney and suburbs when we reach there next week. We also had to decide where we would, or would like to be, at Easter as I guess we will have to book into a park because being on the coast they will probably fill up for the weekend. We have made some fundamental errors in deciding where we will be up until Easter. Originally we suggested to my sister Sue that we would more than likely to be in Sydney to visit her at Easter when we now discover that we would be in Sydney next week instead and are likely to be in Coffs Harbour at Easter. So now we have to contact Sue to inform her and find out if she is going to be there, and we have to locate and find a contact number for a friend of Linda’s who lives near Coffs Harbour to find out if she will be home over Easter so we can visit her.

So now we have packed ready to move tomorrow, but we have to wait till tomorrow to decide wether we actually move because, if you haven’t guessed by now, it is forecast for rain and wind and I have decided not to travel in bad weather again.