Saturday 17th Feb, (Sale).

A trip to Traralgon was the order of the day just to have a look in the area. We decided while we were there to have a look at the power station at Loy Yang, this one is driven by brown coal mined on site and conveyer belt fed straight to the power station. We couldn’t believe the sight that confronted us when we visited the lookout, a bloody big hole in the ground where the coal was.

The hole as shown doesn’t really show how big it is, but I wanted to show some of the machinery down the bottom. The picture on the left is at full zoom in, and the picture on the right is at full zoom out with the hole in the ground to the left of the power station, as you can see the edges of it where they covey the coal out of the pit.

The Latrobe Valley, which is where all these power stations are, there are several of them, is not a place that we would chose to live, as Linda put it “the whole place looks as if it could do with a good wash”, and I think that sums it up.