Wednesday 14th Feb, (Sale).

The cover appeared to work, but what it does on a sunny morning could be a different thing. It was a change waking up with the centre door open and a little light coming through to wake us gradually. What we were doing is closing the concertina door between the two rooms, but the result of this was to completely darken the bedroom and one just didn’t want to wake up at all and sleeping in all morning. This system now minimises the light and also allows ventilation to be equal throughout the entire van at night and air in the bedroom is of a better nature.

Bureaucracy at work; Linda today decided that her headache that she has had for a couple of weeks had gotten the better of her and decided to visit a doctor. A visit to the local medical clinic revealed that all doctors were booked out and we possibly wouldn’t get an appointment in the time we expect to be in Sale. They even rang other surgeries and the result was the same, so the suggestion was to go to the hospital emergency unit and have it looked at. This was done and after much paper work and a visit from the hospital doctor the result was that they would not be able to treat her there so we would have to make an appointment with one of the local GP’s, we then told them again that the local clinic sent us to the hospital because they were too busy to which they replied “we will ring and get an appointment”. Ten minutes later the nurse returned with an appointment card for 10.30 AM tomorrow at the same clinic that we visited in the first place. I can’t think of an answer for the reasoning.

Anyway a bit more shopping, yeah, to buy tobacco in Sale you have to visit the local toy shop (yes the shop that sells toys), and a walk around the local wetlands, which is rather dry at the moment, and the day is basically over so it is time to sit and relax once more.