Tuesday 13th Feb, (Sale).

We have now moved on to Sale and are staying in the Big 4 Park near the town centre. The park is of the standard one would expect of Big 4, being the reason for joining, with the exception that there seams to be an infestation of ants so one may have to be prepared to use several cans of spray to keep them at bay. One can’t complain as this is just about the cheapest caravan park that we have stayed at so far at $100.00 for 7 days, this being a 7 day discount price. We weren’t going to stay that long but the discount convinced us.

A horrible day for sight seeing, weather wise, with it blowing and forecast for rain so it looks like a day for house chores with a few new creations to come up with. Number one was to install a hanger on one of the awning poles to mount an insect zapper and I ended up making holes on two poles for different placing, seeing most of my poles are place dependant. I used a shelving bracket that clips into brackets on a wall and used my super little Dremel grinder with a cutting wheel and cut slots in the poles for the bracket to fit. The second creation was a new chocking system for levelling the caravan sideways, the levelling block has to be one that allows different levels, have a flat top (I have been using a sloping one and when the van is levelled front to back the wheels turn when the van is lifted and upsets the sideways level), must be light and compact. I achieved all these by using a length of 150x25mm treated pine and cut it into lengths that butted one end and had a slope on the other for the wheel to ascend. The boards stack on top of each other to provide different levels and are pinned together with two 2×1/4″ bolts which pass through the board in question and the one underneath, without nuts, just used as pins, to provide stabilisation. The third task was to construct a cover for the cooking vent in the roof to stop daylight coming in in the morning and waking us up. This was made from thick blue cardboard type paper with a strip of it screwed around to opening so another sheet can slide underneath it to actually cover the hole. We will test it tonight.