Saturday 17th Feb, (Sale).

A trip to Traralgon was the order of the day just to have a look in the area. We decided while we were there to have a look at the power station at Loy Yang, this one is driven by brown coal mined on site and conveyer belt fed straight to the power station. We couldn’t believe the sight that confronted us when we visited the lookout, a bloody big hole in the ground where the coal was.

The hole as shown doesn’t really show how big it is, but I wanted to show some of the machinery down the bottom. The picture on the left is at full zoom in, and the picture on the right is at full zoom out with the hole in the ground to the left of the power station, as you can see the edges of it where they covey the coal out of the pit.

The Latrobe Valley, which is where all these power stations are, there are several of them, is not a place that we would chose to live, as Linda put it “the whole place looks as if it could do with a good wash”, and I think that sums it up.


Friday 16th Feb, (Sale).

Ninety-mile beech was the order of the day today and the name lives up to itself, as it is one long beech for as far as the eye can see.

Again this was a very interesting place, the townships of Loch Sport and Seaspray are very peaceful areas, areas that one could easily settle down at. With seeing beeches all day what more can one say about them, after all they all look the same. One thing I noticed that could be installed is a lookout somewhere between Seaspray and Loch Sport along the spit so one could get a reasonable view of the spit itself. This view was totally lacking due to the road along a perfectly flat stretch of land with trees along both sides blocking any view that may be present, or perhaps there isn’t any.

On the way back we noticed a bridge on the Southern entrance to Sale called the swinging bridge, so we stopped to have a look. This bridge is built on quite a few pylons in the centre and swings around, to let boats pass I suppose, and is supported by these pylons.

This bridge was built in 1883 and must have been quite an achievement for those days. As far as I can determine the bridge works by two people, one on each side in the centre of the bridge with a winch handle connected to the mechanism seen on the side and wind until the bridge swings 90 deg. The end has wheels fitted underneath so when the span returns to its normal position they run along a platform and support the ends.

Linda received the results of her blood test today and fortunately there was nothing showed up, so if the pills don’t work she will have to put up with her headache until it either clears or we can see someone else in the future.


Thursday 15th Feb, (Sale).

We found out that the service at the local doctors is as slow as anything else in the area with a 2-1/2 hour wait for the 10.30 appointment, but I suppose it was worth it to find nothing wrong and it also helped when they bulk billed.

We travelled to a little place called Blue Pools, today, near Briagolong North of Sale and there is a nice little gorge there, and I don’t know whether I have seen clearer water in a creek anywhere as this one has.

We had a walk through the bush for about a kilometre or so to peregrine lookout, which did give a reasonable view of the mountains beyond the pools, and there is a mineshaft along the track also. The shaft is an old gold mine and only consists of a big hole in the ground covered be steel work.

It was quite a pleasant afternoon in fact and quite a lovely place one could have had a bar-b-que picnic.


Wednesday 14th Feb, (Sale).

The cover appeared to work, but what it does on a sunny morning could be a different thing. It was a change waking up with the centre door open and a little light coming through to wake us gradually. What we were doing is closing the concertina door between the two rooms, but the result of this was to completely darken the bedroom and one just didn’t want to wake up at all and sleeping in all morning. This system now minimises the light and also allows ventilation to be equal throughout the entire van at night and air in the bedroom is of a better nature.

Bureaucracy at work; Linda today decided that her headache that she has had for a couple of weeks had gotten the better of her and decided to visit a doctor. A visit to the local medical clinic revealed that all doctors were booked out and we possibly wouldn’t get an appointment in the time we expect to be in Sale. They even rang other surgeries and the result was the same, so the suggestion was to go to the hospital emergency unit and have it looked at. This was done and after much paper work and a visit from the hospital doctor the result was that they would not be able to treat her there so we would have to make an appointment with one of the local GP’s, we then told them again that the local clinic sent us to the hospital because they were too busy to which they replied “we will ring and get an appointment”. Ten minutes later the nurse returned with an appointment card for 10.30 AM tomorrow at the same clinic that we visited in the first place. I can’t think of an answer for the reasoning.

Anyway a bit more shopping, yeah, to buy tobacco in Sale you have to visit the local toy shop (yes the shop that sells toys), and a walk around the local wetlands, which is rather dry at the moment, and the day is basically over so it is time to sit and relax once more.


Tuesday 13th Feb, (Sale).

We have now moved on to Sale and are staying in the Big 4 Park near the town centre. The park is of the standard one would expect of Big 4, being the reason for joining, with the exception that there seams to be an infestation of ants so one may have to be prepared to use several cans of spray to keep them at bay. One can’t complain as this is just about the cheapest caravan park that we have stayed at so far at $100.00 for 7 days, this being a 7 day discount price. We weren’t going to stay that long but the discount convinced us.

A horrible day for sight seeing, weather wise, with it blowing and forecast for rain so it looks like a day for house chores with a few new creations to come up with. Number one was to install a hanger on one of the awning poles to mount an insect zapper and I ended up making holes on two poles for different placing, seeing most of my poles are place dependant. I used a shelving bracket that clips into brackets on a wall and used my super little Dremel grinder with a cutting wheel and cut slots in the poles for the bracket to fit. The second creation was a new chocking system for levelling the caravan sideways, the levelling block has to be one that allows different levels, have a flat top (I have been using a sloping one and when the van is levelled front to back the wheels turn when the van is lifted and upsets the sideways level), must be light and compact. I achieved all these by using a length of 150x25mm treated pine and cut it into lengths that butted one end and had a slope on the other for the wheel to ascend. The boards stack on top of each other to provide different levels and are pinned together with two 2×1/4″ bolts which pass through the board in question and the one underneath, without nuts, just used as pins, to provide stabilisation. The third task was to construct a cover for the cooking vent in the roof to stop daylight coming in in the morning and waking us up. This was made from thick blue cardboard type paper with a strip of it screwed around to opening so another sheet can slide underneath it to actually cover the hole. We will test it tonight.