Friday 2nd Feb, (Inverloch).

We had a trip to Phillip Island today and I was a little surprised to find it seemed to differ a little from when I visited there when I was working here in 1999. The difference is probably only due to the fact that Linda was with me this time and our look around the island was of a more in-depth nature. I was a little upset when we travelled down a road to the coastal area known as pyramid rocks, the road was gravel and very finely corrugated and the vibrations caused my rear view mirror on the inside of the windscreen to fall off. No damage was done except for the $6 odd to buy ½ dozen drops of glue to glue it back on. A look at seal rocks on the southwest corner was enlightening because there was a good array of walkways around the point, which I either didn’t bother to use them last time or they weren’t there. The coastline here is very picturesque and rugged.

We also saw some penguins in burrows and the tracks the parent have carved into the cliffs in scaling them to reach the young.

We then went to a Koala park near the middle of the Island, which was unusual because although I have seen and read a lot about Koalas, I have never seen one eye to eye.

A look around Cowes revealed how nice a place it is, well laid out good beaches, which is obviously why this is another place which is very tourist orientated but none the less a very nice town. It was to my surprise when we looked at the books that the caravan parks on the island are no more expensive than any other in the area, which the idea that they were is one of the reasons that we chose not to stay here on the way past.

It was another stinker of a hot day today and they tell us it is going to be just as hot tomorrow, if not hotter, and Linda got her way again today by getting me to wear a T- shirt. She bought one when she was in the shops and I must admit that I took my shirt off and donned the T-shirt there and then in the car park. It was washed immediately after we got home, because it had a prickly new feel, so it will hopefully dry by tomorrow so I can wear it again. At this stage I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow because with all this flimsy clobber I am wearing lately I have gotten a little sun burned and I certainly don’t want it to get any worse.