Tuesday 20th Feb, (Bairnsdale).

We are now at Bairnsdale, near Lakes Entrance, still on the East coast of Victoria. Sunday and Monday were days of relaxation with packing up to be done on Sunday ready for the move on Monday. It is my practice to prepare to move the day before so we don’t have much to do the day we do move, and then there is no rush as most parks ask campers to leave by 10:00 AM.

We had a trip to Buchan today to check out some limestone caves. Our eyes opened widely when we entered the township of Buchan as after the trip over a mountainous road through what would almost be classed as forest the township instantly gave us a feeling of peace and tranquillity, a feeling of “this is an ideal place to settle down for a while” which is a thing we just have to overlook at this stage because we intend to see a lot before we think of settling. There have been several places that have given us a feeling such as this and they keep on getting better. One can only hope that he can remember all the places that gave us such a feeling so we can one day perhaps revisit at a different time of year to re-evaluate the situation.

Anyway back to the caves, they, or it was rather remarkable. There are two caves in this system, which are basically one large cave with an almost impassable section between the two so are classed as two caves, at least they charge twice to see them both. I guess, from what I have seen of limestone caves, when you have seen one you have seen them all. These caves compare to the caves I have seen in Tassie in respect to the style of growths within the caves, but these ones are much larger than those in Tassie.

We travelled back via Lakes Entrance, as it was the same distance, to have a glance as we intend to either spend a day touring, or several camping, in the area. Although it seems like another typical tourist destination, with caravan parks everywhere throughout the township, it seems there would be plenty to do there, and it is a remarkably pretty place, so we may consider moving there to stay a while before we move on further.

The park we are staying at now is one of the better, even being a Big 4, with good sites which have a large concrete blocks, big enough for the van and awning, which would make it very low maintenance. They have a swimming pool, a spa and sauna, a very good recreation facilities room with thing like a large screen TV and plenty for kids to do, a kiosk which sells newspapers, as well as minor groceries, which saves travelling into town daily to purchase one. The amenities are very good and clean and would be among the best we have experienced yet.