Monday 8th Jan, (Scamander).

Our trip to Scamander so far has been marred by bad weather; it has been windy and threatening to rain with a little drizzle occasionally. Matthew and Louisa have been with us although they have been staying at Edna and Bobby’s shack at night. Matt bought his work computer with him so he could catch up on some work for his new business and the weather has suited him as we haven’t had much of a chance to do anything else and it has given him a chance to work a lot.

The weather as it has been has probably not been such a bad thing as it has given Linda a good chance to just sit and relax, as she has needed to do so after all the house moving recently.

Our usual plan of packing up the awning and misc. equipment the day before we depart could be bought undone by the weather, so we may have to leave that aspect until tomorrow but we will have to see what eventuates.

I haven’t booked into anywhere in the Launceston area as yet but it looks like I may try Legana so we can do what we have to do in town and then pick up the van on our way to Beaconsfield.

I had an idea of drawing up a file on the different caravan parks we visit but what more can I add to what the magazines we have haven’t done so already, unless I consider it just a personal report on each one.