Tuesday 9th Jan, (Legana).

We booked into and are staying at Legana Caravan Park for the night and discovered that we all take for granted what is so close to home. This park is fantastic, I’m sure that if we had known what it was like we would have stayed here at some other time even though it is so close to home. We found that this park compares with any that we had stayed at during our previous trip to the mainland. The whole park is so clean and, although we have not been here long, it seems to be insect free.

We had a fleeting visit to George Town to visit Joan and Glen before we leave. I had intended to spend a few nights but time got away from us as I made a mistake in the time I thought we would have before we went to Devonport.

Further to my idea on writing a report on parks I have decided to make up a file and jot down a few word on how we see the parks that we stay in, you never know it may be useful in future to some other tourists.

An early start in the morning to what will be a busy day running around Lonny doing the few things we must do before we depart so that’s it for now.