Thursday 11th Jan, (East Devonport).

We are at East Devonport at the moment with the idea of finally getting a chance to relax for a few days before we board the boat.

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day organising the last few things we had to do before leaving, like pick up Narrelle’s gear that we left at Leona’s, check on payment for a health benefit claim I made which I found went to the wrong bank account. I still had details with them for an account I cancelled months ago, so there was a wasted hour fixing that problem. We had to pick up our mail, have the car serviced, which was just as well because the fan belt was in bad state of repair and was replaced. This could have been one very large headache if it had broken on our travels in the middle of no-where. Linda also had an appointment for her shoulder problem and we didn’t click that the appointment was at the General Hospital and she could have been there for ages, which she was, and after all this I had planned to be at Beaconsfield in the evening so Freckles could weld another spare wheel bracket to the bumper of the caravan. We managed to get away from Launceston at about 5.00 Pm, which made me very grateful that the manager of the Legana caravan park allowed us to leave the van parked there for the day with no extra charge. The welding job was accomplished just on dark and in time for us to finally settle down for the night after what was hopefully the last busy day I will ever experience.

This morning we had what could have been our last visit with Maxine and Paul for a while, and then had a leisurely drive to Devonport and set up camp for the next few days.

Saturday 13th Jan, (East Devonport).

It is very enjoyable at last to just relax and do what we wish to do. Final little clean up of unwanted gear from the caravan that we can leave at Narrelle’s when we get to Melbourne, and mending a few towels that Linda bought at an op-shop and had a few faults and are now like new so we can use them and get rid of our older ones.

Some disturbing news yesterday when we went to visit my old mate Andrew Ray and his wife. He informed me that he has been diagnosed with having the dreaded big “C” and is currently undergoing Chemo treatment for it. It must have been so disheartening for him to find out, especially not long after being made redundant from work. Andrew was one of the one’s that left when I did. After having my liver problem and associated troubles diagnosed a couple of years ago, I know what he is going through. Fortunately he is very high-spirited and has the same idea as I had in that we only needed a big shock to convince us to give up the grog, and in his case the smokes. He hasn’t given up the grog as such but has had to go without while under treatment. They will be getting a computer and net access this week so I gave him my Email address so he can keep me informed of his progress. I had the chance at least to brighten his life a little by going out fishing with him today, as it has been several weeks since he has had a chance to go out. I’m now sure it is not the fishing he enjoys so much as just being able to just get out in the boat. Any way I am glad I visited him while we were here and found out from him rather than some other method.

We are hopeful that we may get a visit from Matt and Lou, and some of Linda’s rellies tomorrow to see us off, as it would be nice to see them one last time before we go. At 9.00PM and Maxine just rang to say that because Rachael, her daughter, had given birth she would not be able to visit us tomorrow.