Thursday 25th Jan 2001, (Frankston).

We have just had a few days having a casual look around the Frankston/Peninsular area and we decided not to get too in depth looking around the area because we will be back this way in December this year so we can have a good look then. At least then we will have a good idea at what we want to see.

We did find something of interest though, being Arthur’s Seat. Just before we left Tassie we were talking to Linda’s sister Sandra and she mentioned that one day just prior to this that she had an area listing on her mobile as Arthur’s Seat and she wanted to know where it was as she had never heard of any where with that name. I searched my memory of Telstra mobile sites in the area and could not recall any with that name, so I guess that freak weather conditions must have resulted in her picking up this site in Victoria. Arthur’s seat is of coarse a mountain in the lower peninsular area with a mobile site.

We have found a listing of state reserves in the area and intend to visit some and have a walk around and the first was the Botanical Gardens. These gardens are of a different nature than that of any that we have seen so far and we commented on how it looked so much like a golf course with bushes and shrubs surrounding the fairways. When we arrived home Linda was reading a booklet about the local area and low and behold an article explained, after a question of “what do you do with an old golf course?” how the gardens were in fact built from an old golf course.

I always thought that the weather in Tassie was unpredictable but it has nothing on what we have seen in Victoria this trip. It has shown that it can change from very hot and sunny to a thunderstorm in minutes. We were travelling back to Frankston from Narrelle’s yesterday when a news report on the radio stated that a thunderstorm was over Werribee area and heading for the lower South East suburbs and there had been no mention of it at any time in the news or any forecast heard. By the time we started to approach Frankston we hit the edge of the storm and by the time we arrived home the storm had passed and left tell tale signs that the winds were rather strong, as papers had been blown everywhere and even the chairs and thongs from the van next door had blown away as well.