Monday 13th, (Wangaratta).

We have moved on to Wang (Wangaratta) just in time to have a little look around before it rained again. Linda has found that there is a cheese factory in the area, she just must visit cheese factories, and yes we will visit there tomorrow, it’s about 15k down the road.

I am wondering about the variations in fuel prices. During the entirety of this trip the news stories have kept saying fuel prices are going up, which they have as we were travelling around the border of NSW. Now that we are travelling back toward Melbourne the fuel prices at Wang are 5 cents cheaper, both unleaded and gas, so I will keep my eye open and see what happens. The price of gas crept up to 62 cents at Albury, which was almost at the price that would not make it cheaper to use. When I build up a few miles for fuel comparisons I will have to work out a price that would be the point at which it would not be any cheaper to use.