Thursday 16th, (Melbourne).

We have had enough of Wang, or at least the caravan park as it has a continuous smell close to that of a sewer. Linda, with her keener sense of smell, seems to think it is the trees which are full of blossom, small flowers which fell all around all over everything which could also be the reason that I have been sneezing a lot since we had been there.

We have now moved on to Melbourne and staying at a park near Greensborough where Narrelle lives. We had thought about having a trip down the King river and after deciding to leave Wang we also thought about taking the van via King river but according to the map the terrain in the area could be rather mountainous so a decision was made to bypass it.

We had also originally decided to stay a night or two at Seymour but when we arrived there and not being over-impressed with the looks of the parks in the locality, we decided to go straight to Melbourne. The fact that we would be closer to family probably over influenced us to make these decisions though.

Today was spent wandering around the Greensborough Plaza shopping centre. The place is so large, at least a lot larger than I am used to. Linda and I went our separate ways, I had to look for a couple of items I needed to install in the caravan and Linda had her things to do. Then a phone call from Linda to have a look at a sewing machine she wanted, and she was outside the plaza and across the street, and I then spent about 20 minutes trying to work out how to get out of the place. I guess I will leave the shopping to her in future, the same as she always has in the past.

Sunday 26th, (Melbourne).

We moved to Melbourne caravan park on Monday as it is closer to where the wedding reception is going to be held, and it turns out it is closer to Narrelle’s anyway.

I haven’t put words to paper for over week now because we have been flat out finalising the last minute details for the wedding and I have had the job of ferrying everyone from and to the airport and else-where so the week has been just like that so nothing to say.

The wedding was a blast, the content surprising everyone including myself even after I attended the practice the night before. Even though the content was based on tradition, all was rearranged to suit Nelle and Matts needs with their religious beliefs and all, and the end result was just something that nobody who was in attendance will ever forget, of that I am sure.

As all that is left to do is to pack up the campsite ready for going home tomorrow and then the boat trip I guess this would be an appropriate place to end this chapter. We are looking forward very much to returning on our non-stop venture touring the large island next year.