15 October 2000(Geelong).

The wedding was a great success and all had fun. My most observant point on the day was the fact that for the first time at a party with most of my relatives I remained sober. A question to Linda about wether I ever got that raucous when intoxicated, her answer was an emphatic yes, which I appreciated to be correct.

My toys were a hit with all that had a chance to preview on the laptop the photos that I took at the wedding and reception. One photo taken at the reception really stood out so I made a print of it and everybody was so engrossed, especially Michael and Courtney who were so pleased to receive this as their first wedding photo they wanted to frame it.

A leisurely day was had today and an afternoon tea was had at a café so Courtney could meet the rellies on Michael’s side before they went on their honeymoon and rellies went home.

Hopefully a good rest tonight and a good sleep and we should be ready to venture into Melbourne tomorrow to buy replacement parts for the caravan and possibly visit Narrelle and Matt before we start our travels.