13 October 2000 (Geelong).

We have arrived at David and Marnie’s at Geelong. They live on the Bellarine Highway at Wallington on the western side of the bay. We have set up camp in their back yard, 5 acres, plenty of space, and will be here until possibly Wednesday so I can go to the caravan factory to enquire about a new rim and other parts damaged in our little mishap.

While in Devonport I, with the help from a friend, attained some replacement u-bolts for the axle, which were worn down after skidding along the bitumen, and replaced the them after crawling under the van for a couple of hours.

A bit of an upset today when I attempted to download my photo’s from the camera taken over the last few days and some how they all ended up in software heaven some-where, I have an idea what happened and apart from admitting to being a novice with my new toys I am not elaborating on anything else.

This is short and sweet, but after not getting any sleep on the boat last night I am looking forward to a good nights sleep so I can enjoy the wedding tomorrow all the more.