Echuca / Moama

Tuesday 24th October 2000, (Echuca / Moama).

Since our arrival ay Echuca, having our relaxed attitude, we have missed an opportunity to have a good look around due to the weather. The fine days we did have were utilised in just familiarising ourselves with the area and now the weather has turned to rain and looks like it has set in for a while so our opportunities to look around are somewhat restricted. This is just one of the things we are going to have to put up with though, and if necessary we will just have to extend our stay for a short while if we wish to have a good look around, as time is of no consequence to us.

As the clouds are patchy today we might just go and have a ride on one of the paddle steamers anyway and hope that it will be fine enough to get a few decent pictures, but any picture taken will be worth it anyway as it will reflect the true events as they occur.