Monday 30th October, (Barooga).

Linda had her chance to go to the local show and even though it was small, about what one would expect for the area, it was enjoyable. One thing that struck me that I hadn’t seen at any other show was an elderly gent demonstrating, with exactness, how things were done in many years gone by, such as lighting fires with a flint and iron and such things.

We went to one of the local strawberry farms and had an enjoyable meal last evening with the pickings. We also had a look around the river and how it is flooded at the moment. The local highlight for tourists in this area is the beaches available for recreation but they are all under water by about 20 feet at the moment so there is not much to see. I took some pics of the high water with the hope that in a couple of days I can return to the same spot when the water has receded and get some comparison shots. I was originally surprised to see the water up so high here and not at Echuca before we left, but a local tells me that the water can take up to 5 to 7 days to reach Echuca from Cobram.

A bit of a drive around the area today was the order of call to just have a look. We found a caravan park out in the middle of nowhere at Morgans river. It being close to the Murray would make it an ideal spot to go and do a bit of fishing, as was obvious from the cleaning set-ups at some caravan sites. We also came across a cacti farm and stopped and had a look and I never thought there were so many cacti in existence.

An observation today recalled my seeing a similarly shaped tower in most towns in the area. They are cylindrical in shape, about 100 to 150 feet tall, looked like sandstone brick construction and the top half is about 50% greater in diameter than the bottom half. One of these days I will find out what they were used for and wether they still are. They actually look as if they may be some type of water tower, but we will find out.