Beachmere, Still.

July 26th, 2014

Saturday 26th July 2014, Beachmere.

It has once again been a long time between reports, I have had a few things on my mind, and we are having problems with the web site.

Not long after we arrived here I suffered lower abdominal pains and it was decided to refer me to people to do other test, like colonoscopy and such, since it has been a long time since the last one. It is probably no excuse but I have been side-tracked with having these tests, hence the few words.

The web site has been inaccessible to some people for a while, including myself, until I decided to temporarily deactivate my virus checker. It seems my web site server provider has done some work rearranging servers and such, and since then virus checkers, or at least AVG Free, has been detecting a threat on the web site and not allowing access. The server people have been working on it and at this stage all seems ok to them, but it is still giving problems. I will pursue it further.

Beachmere, with car fixed.

June 13th, 2014

Friday 13th June 2014, Beachmere.

I have just been reminded that I haven’t followed on with the problem with the car. It was the clutch that was the problem, but it was not quite as simple as that. It turns out that the fly wheel in this vehicle, and others similar being 4 cylinder diesels, have fitted a device called a MASS DAMPER, a device to reduce the effects of vibrations from the diesel engine at low revs transferring to the transmission and possibly causing problems there. It turns out that this device which is actually constructed within the fly wheel has a tendency to fail long before the remaining parts associated with the clutch, as was this case. The problem then is that if the fly wheel is replaced with another damper flywheel the entire clutch system has to be replaced to keep the balancing integrity of the system, hence costing a fortune. When one doesn’t have any first-hand knowledge of these new devices one can only follow the recommendations of the mechanics, who naturally aren’t going to give me the ins and outs of different options. I have since done some homework and basically came to the following conclusion: If the Mass Damper Flywheel fails again it will more than likely be replaced with a normal clutch system, being more economical at the event time, and likely to last a lot longer before any further failure. The main thing to ensure from that time on is to keep the engine in fine tune condition at all times to reduce any excessive vibrations from becoming a problem.

Beachmere, more car troubles.

May 29th, 2014

Thursday 29th May 2014, Beachmere.

More dramas in the household, well in the garage anyway. We had settled back in nicely after our trip to Tassie, and just gotten our expenses and finances organised again after the trip, then, I started hearing strange noises from the transmission area of the car. After test runs and visits to the local mechanics, the finer details of which may as well be left out, it was decided that there was in fact a problem with the clutch assembly. The initial diagnosis, without dismantling anything to investigate, may well result in a very costly fix, so I am very hopeful that when the do dismantle to do the repairs later today that they in fact find that it is a lot less complicated that originally thought, hence will be a lot cheaper to repair. We can be very hopeful can’t we, tomorrow will tell I guess.

Beachmere again.

May 17th, 2014

Saturday 17th May 2014, Beachmere.

We are now back at Beachmere, QLD, so here is more on our eventful week. My sister Joan was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer around Easter and was given about six months. Last week she developed a serious infection and was taken through to the Launceston hospital and when I was informed of this the decision was made to go down immediately to see her. When I arrived it seemed that the entire family had the same idea, and just as well because she passed away on Sunday with the entire family present. It has been a rather traumatic week for most of us as she was taken from us in such short notice, but we rallied and have been able to overcome our grief.

Once again I would like to apologise to all those that we would like to have visited while down there. With wanting to spend as much time as possible with the family in their time of need before we knew it our visit was over without seeing anybody, but we are hopeful of coming to Tassie in the not too distant future for a touristy visit which will give us time to catch up with everybody.

Launceston, Tasmania.

May 12th, 2014

Monday 12th May 2014, Launceston.

We are in Tasmania right now because I have just lost a sister who passed away yesterday after a short illness, in fact we came down on Saturday to just visit her during her illness, but to then be with her in her final moments. We will be here until Friday and now wish to appologise to all whom we should visit while here, but we do intend spending as much time with the family in George Town and may not find any spare time. I mean this especially for Linda’s family, and my old workmate Jerry.

I am publishing this post in a different manner than I normally do, as when I came down to Tasmania for two days I didn’t think I would need my laptop, now I will be staying for several more days and I am using someone elses computer with different software that I would normally use.