Thursday 26 May 2016, Caboolture.

Another month has passed by, and a few things have happened.

I have finally gotten the caravan re-registered, and it turned out not to be such a drama as first thought. I took it in to have a safety check and after weighing the van they then amended the stamping of the VIN plate with the TARE and ATM, so when I took it to registry they re-registered it without a problem. The idea of VIN plates, and their security of ownership, leaves me wondering though after this, and seeing what I did while at the registry office. Another gent was registering his trailer and had made a mistake with his VIN number, so he went in the yard, got his angle grinder from the boot, cordless, and proceeded to grind the old number off and restamp it with the correct one. It left me wondering exactly how easy it might be to just change a VIN number in the event the van might be stolen??? Probably not that easy though.

I am on my own again with Linda in Melbourne again for her usual grand-kid fix, and will be back next week. I am once again reminded profoundly about an old adage of mine: “There is only one thing worse than having nothing to do, and that is having no-body to do it with”. I generally do not mind a quiet period of relaxing, looking out the sun room window watching the world go by, but it is not the same when there is no-one to share the event with.

I am sure I have mentioned that I joined the committee of the local computer club, well they have me working my little but off, I have really been suckered into this one, but so far I don’t really mind so long as repairs are not expected of me if needed. They even have me doing presentations at meetings now, I have done a couple that I have built myself, but I am not sure how I will go if I have to present one that someone else may have built, we’ll see.

The men’s shed that I also joined is starting to progress with financial grants starting to come forth. This has boosted our bank account so we can now start to look at setting up an actual shed. We had a meeting today to vote for a site for our shed and an almost unanimous decision was made, so hopefully construction work will commence shortly.


Friday 29th April 2016, Caboolture.

A bit has happened since the last report, with me arranging to get the caravan rego changed. I have made bookings for inspections, and organised where and how to get it weighed, so then hopefully the traffic people will transfer the rego.

I have since bought a new desktop computer, and this is the first report written from that PC. This will test how it all goes. I had forgotten how much was involved with getting a computer up and running, especially Win 10 as there have been a great many updates to be done. In fact about 7gig of data was used on day one to get all the updates, and on day two, today, the pc has already had a download that caused what looked like a total reload. It seems to be up and running alright so let’s now play.


Tuesday 12th April 2016, Caboolture.

I am not so sure that what the Telstra contractors said is strictly true. We were having anything up to 36, maybe more, dropouts every day and after the NBN people finally arrived to look at the fault there was certainly nothing mentioned about such a thing. It was indicated that the modem could be at fault and the Tech said he was going to suggest that Telstra replace it with a new one, but at this stage I haven’t heard anything. The Tech did indicate that he had an idea where there might be a possible fault and would investigate upon departure. As agreed there was a dropout approximately 3 minutes after his departure which he indicated would be him fixing the problem, and the total dropouts have significantly dropped ever since. The problem now is lack of communication, we are still getting what may be regular dropouts: one about 09:00 AM, one mid-afternoon, and one mid-evening possibly every day. I haven’t had time to think of, and, record the actual time of dropouts to decide if it is as regular as I suspect. If it is regular it would indicate to me that NBN is doing some regular scheduled check on the line which is causing the dropout. As I said the problem is that nobody is telling me anything, they haven’t even enquired as to whether the dropouts have ceased or not. We will see what happens in future.

Caboolture with new internet technology.

Thursday 24th March 2016, Caboolture.

Well here it is, March, how time fly’s. Quite a lot has happened since January and the last report. We have lived through our first summer in the Brisbane area, and sometimes wonder how we managed it, it was quite warm and humid, which is the intolerable part, and we have heard on quite a few occasions that this year was one of the worst summers they have had in a long time. This would be typical being our first year.

I have taken a step further with joining the Computer club in Caboolture by becoming a committee member, I think I was quite easily conned into the position. I am starting to enjoy holding the position, although my title is Resources Officer, which means I am responsible for all equipment owned by the club, including maintaining the computers in the training room. I have not had much experience with maintaining computers, but there are people who are prepared to help. The past President of the club resigned his position this year and the old resources officer was elected the new President, so his position was left vacant. With nobody wanting to take over this position I was approached one day with the question, “would you like to help with setting up the sound and computer equipment this year? Your application indicates that you may have the ability. It may mean becoming a committee member though”. My answer was to the positive, and after the swearing in I found out what my true responsibilities really were. It also looks as though I am going to be talked into doing some presentations at meetings as well. This will be another experience as time progresses, and the rest of the committee are now learning what my abilities really are so I am sure we will all get along fine.

We have also had an upgrade to our internet supply with a recent connection to the NBN network. I am reasonably pleased with it up to this stage, with the exception that we are experiencing the occasional ‘Dropouts’. I have reported this to Telstra whom have handed it to NBN staff who have indicated to me that they are investigating the problem. This all sounded good until yesterday when some Telstra workers at the museum, probably contractors, informed me that NBN seem to think that up to 36 dropouts per day is acceptable, YES 36 WOULD YOU BELIEVE, according to the techs yesterday under 36 dropouts would not be considered a fault. In our case I am not sure how many we are experiencing, but some days it would be close to this if not more, who is going to watch and count, so it will be interesting to see what in the immediate future they provide as a solution, if any, and how I will go complaining to my provider, being Telstra, if they don’t provide a solution. As I said though, I am reasonably happy with it as I now have ample data limits and speed to be able to do my Windows 10 upgrade, which has been done a couple of weeks ago, and I am quite happy with that also. The only exceptions are small anomalies that my laptop suffers from, being a few years old, and always had, I think.

Settled at Caboolture.

Sunday 24th January 2016, Caboolture.

We have been back from our trip to Melbourne for a few weeks now and haven’t written anything down, so what’s new. It has been almost unbearably hot here since returning, or maybe it is the humidity, but when I look at our gauge in the house it is mostly what I call only 60-65%, but not knowing better I would not think that is very high. Hopefully things will start to cool down a little over the next few weeks, if today being a little cooler is any indication.

I have been wondering again about keeping this web site going as we are hardly the Wandering Tew’s anymore, but something happened the other week with the web site, to do with Matt’s server, and after discussions it was decided that if I am continuously using the site I am also monitoring his server for common problems, so the decision was made to continue the site. For those who get information from the TV page, I have no idea how many are using it, I will occasionally update the information on the page, although with no foreseeable changes being made this may not be very often. Some are due for an update now come to think of it.

I am quite pleased with the effort I have been putting in at the Telstra museum lately: I have seemed to take on the role as tour guide and have been enjoying it immensely. I will continue this role until something changes, which may not be too far away. We have a new committee, one that may be prepared to accept changes more readily, such as the cataloguing of all the bits and pieces we have in the museum, and in store, the data from which to be stored in a national data base. It has been known for a long time that this had to happen but for reasons I will not mention here nobody was prepared to accept these changes. I am a little annoyed that I personally didn’t nominate for any position on the new committee but I have an idea that I will put in the future where I could assist others perhaps.

Ronald & Linda Tew, All over the countryside