Caboolture, May 2017, week 1 still.

Saturday 6th May 2017, Caboolture.

I am starting to think that we are destined not to go caravanning any more, with the events of recent. We had a trip planned a month or so ago and had to cancel due to the cyclone Queensland had, we figured the area we were going to could have suffered anyway. We then decided that we would have a trip to Bribie Island, as we have been wanting to go there for years and never have, in the caravan anyway. Every weekend since we have been thinking about it, has been a long weekend and the place is fully booked, so we decided to give it a miss again for now. We were convinced that we wanted to go somewhere, but the main thing to consider at the moment is that I am suffering from toe-nail problems again, and we can’t go far from the area, so we thought of going to Clontarf, a place we do enjoy. I rang last weekend to check availability, and no problems was the answer, consider at this stage I do not like making a booking as such and paying deposits as we have been caught too many times. We spent the last week preparing for our trip of about 50K and rang yesterday to make sure we could get in only to find that they are booked out. I found this strange as the park does not generally fill until June, so we have had to cancel, wait now until I find a solution to my toe problems, and then plan another trip, such as our original idea of Yeppoon.

Oh well: Back to the comfort of home for a while longer.

Caboolture, May 2017, week 1.

Monday 1st May 2017, Caboolture.

It now seems that the web site has been repaired, so I can now resume publishing posts.

Not much to report this time, except for the fact that I installed a new printer at home the other day. Linda wanted access to a printer from her laptop in the back room to print her cards without moving to my office, room, so the new one is wi-fi, as most are today anyway. Thinking about all the printers I had installed over the years I considered this one would be a lot different in the install procedure, but, no worries the instructions will show me through. Not so easy. It is fortunate that I do have some knowledge of computers, because the setup of the printer did no quite go as I would have expected, and sure enough when it was installed on my computer it would not connect. Luckily it took me through a process to remedy this, and this is where my knowledge came in, as the process was not extremely straight forward. It seemed the instructions were for that series of printer, but the actual printer is a late model in the series and the instructions were not exactly fitting to that machine. I did quite easily manage to get my way through it and all worked well. This does bring me to the point again that: What would the average elderly person without the knowledge that I do have done in this situation, and where an older printer took only moments to install, the ease with the way computing makes it nowadays, it only took me a few hours to install this one. I really do wonder.

Caboolture, March 2017, Week 5.

Thursday 30th March 2017, Caboolture.

We have had some visitors over the weekend, being Lou, daughter Tilly, and work colleague Carlson. The came up from Melbourne on Friday and went back home on Monday, just in time to miss the after effects of cyclone Debbie. They were initially here for work meetings and Lou attended one on Friday, and both her and Carlson attending one on Monday, so they saw this as an opportunity to visit us while here. Carlson, being from the Philippines, was a little worried about the cyclone coming until we reassured him that it was a long way up the coast.

Cyclone Debbie: It hit Bowen, and district, a couple of days ago and caused massive damage in that region, and then settled down a little and travelled down the coast, as they usually do, and we are at this moment experiencing the after effects from her with torrential rain and flooding. We have not been in this area long and have not experienced any flooding, but I do believe that flooding should not directly affect us, unless it gets just a little higher and comes into the garage, which I don’t think will happen. I would have normally gone to the Men Shed today but was not venturing out in this weather, and have rang and informed them that the chore I normally undertake could be done on another day, and I would be prepared to come in on another do to do it, of which they agreed.

We were also going away next week on a caravan trip to a park near Murgon, North of here, but have now changed our minds. Because of the cyclone, rain is forecast a fair bit over the next week, but Murgon would have been in the path of the aftermath, so it may be a bit wet and messy up there. We also have a couple of other things to do over the next couple of weeks so to save the hassles contributed to our decision. I have also been asked to take charge with the museums part of the organization with an upcoming Telstra Alumni event planned just after Easter, so I am not going to reduce any time I might need for that duty. Not that there is much work to do, but!

Caboolture, March 2017, Week 3.

Monday 20th March 2017, Caboolture.

We can’t get over the sweltering heat we are experiencing now, well not the heat so much as the humidity. We can’t remember it being like this last year, but when Linda looked up the weather on the net it turns out that it was very similar. It strikes us funny that this year a lot of locals are saying it was a lot worse summer than they have had for a long time, and when Linda looked up on the web it seems everyone was saying the same thing last year. It also seems that it was as hot at this time last year, so I guess we are just going to have to tolerate it.

I have been continuing my work at the men shed and the Museum as usual, and am settling in to my new job as treasurer at the museum, not much happening money wise yet. We had a tour book in last week on Friday, a mystery tour from Toowoomba as it turned out, which was on a day we are not open so we did organise it anyway. The day worked out fine, with 45 visitors that we broke up into groups in our usual manner, and showed them all a good show, they all seemed to enjoy it very much, as is usual. The frustrating part about it was when I emptied the donation box to find the tour operators had placed $5.00 in it. We do not have an entry fee, but seeing we put ourselves out and four volunteers attended, which the museum reimburses expenses, we did expect they would give just a little bit more, maybe enough to at least cover expenses.

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