Heathcote Junction again.

Tuesday 13th January 2015, Heathcote Junction.

We are now back at Heathcote Junction and so much for good plans: We were looking forward to the three weeks house-sitting at Mernda, having room to move and to ourselves, until son Adrian decided he was going to stay his two weeks with us while over here, not that there was anywhere else for him to stay, and then four days with grandson Jay with us, we ended up with about two days to ourselves. Then we had to call our venture short because daughter Narrelle had to go overseas leaving us to baby-sit the kids. We are not on our own though, with Matt still here, but working, so is only here of nights, and an occasional day working at home. Not that we mind baby-sitting Nell’s kids, but we are now looking all the more toward being able to just head off somewhere in Victoria for bit of a tour on our own before we head back north for winter.

Mernda, House-sitting.

Saturday 27th December 2014, Mernda.

Here we are then at the end of another year, and what a year it has been. Both Linda and I have lost a family member, we have both suffered medical conditions with mine being a bit scary for a while but turned out to be basically nothing and Linda still suffering hers while trying to get treatment during our visit this year. I have finally reached pension age so our finances are now at a stage of hopefully being fixed and quite adequate, and I am no longer committed to doing voluntary work to meet Centrelink requirements, so hopefully very soon we will be able to just go cruising at our own leisure. The main concern is to get Linda’s ailment fixed, which may take a while, but we intend doing some travel, between doctor’s visits, around Victoria to some areas that we have not frequented. Most of the places we have been to in Victoria are those that are on the way in or out as we traverse to a different location, and we have been saying for a while now that we must spend some time just touring the areas we have missed out on, so now will perhaps be our opportunity.

We are at present house-sitting for one of daughter Narrelle’s friends while they are up in NSW somewhere having a good time, hence the place of Mernda that we are in residence.

Heathcote Junction.

Wednesday 10th December 2014, Heathcote Junction.

Been here for three weeks already, how time flies. I have now progressed to being in the age group of being officially ‘OLD’, reaching pensioner age. The past few years of my being on New start, because of a lack of finances, is now over and we are now no longer committed to being in places to meet the requirements of Centrelink, so we can once again feel free to travel wherever we please, after February at least. We have a couple of commitments while here and as soon as they are complete we are out of here. We have taken a house sitting position over Christmas for a friend of Narrelle’s for about 3 weeks, and Linda has to follow up and get treatment for an ailment she is suffering, then we can move on. The only other commitment is being in Brisbane in April.

I am doing my usual things while here in Melbourne such as filling in time doing garden work at Narrelle and Matt’s to cover our board, and I am still undertaking my couple of days a week voluntary work at the Telstra museum although I no longer have to do it.

Heathcote Junction, Back again.

Saturday 15th November 2014, Heathcote Junction.

We are back in the Melbourne area for another spell, but maybe only for three months or so this time. We are parked at daughter Narrelle’s front yard again and am somewhat looking forward to doing the work chores while here.

I actually reach pension age in a week or so, so I will no longer be committed to doing voluntary work anymore, but I do intend to continue to do it while in the area, either here or Brisbane. I have already informed them here in Melbourne that I will only be here for about three months this year, as we do intend doing some touring next year seeing I have my freedom back.


Thursday 13th November 2014, Albury.

Today was our second last leg before arriving at Melbourne, with the last leg being from here to Heathcote Junction and parking at Narrelle’s. We are now at Albury, a place we do like very much. We do have a favourite caravan park at Lavington, being a smallish park, but very tidy, and just across the road from a large shopping centre.

If we had our way we would not stop at Yass again, it has the strangest park layout we have ever seen, too close together, and at the moment lacks a lot of maintenance. It also has several other disadvantages that are not of any real consequence, but are not of a nature we are used to. We also picked up several type insects while there that one isn’t normally bothered with. I spent a fair bit of time taking care of the ants, but when packing up this morning, when we picked anything up off the ground we were inundated with earwigs and cockroaches, horrible pests that are hard to get rid of, so I hope they didn’t invade the van too much.

All over the countryside