Nanango, Jondaryan and Laidley.

Tuesday 23rd August 2016, Nanango.

We are out on the road again. Kay and Adrian have completed a few mods to their “Nipper” van and were keen to take it out for a test, so we decided to tag along and have a couple of weeks out as well. We have moved to Nanango for a couple of days to visit Les and Jan while we are out and about.

Thursday 25th August 2016, Jondaryan.

Relaxing couple of days at Nanango, but it rained a bit on day two, yesterday, but that didn’t bother us as we were just there to visit. It turns out we missed most of the rain anyway as it passed us by, so we only caught the edge of it.

We have now moved to Jondaryan Wool Shed, a caravan park on an old farm with that has a big history of sheep farming, near Dalby. It’s claim to fame is the very large wool shed, which was one of the largest in the area. They have also started a museum of all sorts of farm machinery and old buildings donated from within the area, and it all comes together very well indeed. The whole display area actually took us a couple of days to have a good look around, but then we have plenty of time and aren’t in a hurry.

Tuesday 30th August 2016, Laidley.

Got out of Jondaryan just in time: They are just about to head into their annual Jackie Howe Festival, which is a sheering competition that attracts plenty of people. It may have been nice to stay and have a look at things but it was bad enough as it was accessing the amenities with the number of people that have been there for the past few days, without putting up with the extra 400 or so camp sites being made available, it would be bedlam.

We are now at Laidley, half way between Toowoomba and Brisbane, a small place Kay and Adrian stayed at a while back and swore to return. It seems to be worth it as I think we are going to enjoy a week here investigating the Lockyer valley and what it has to offer.


Sunday 31st July 2016, Caboolture.

A lovely week was had at Clontarf, with not doing a great deal, just relaxing. The walking track did get a fair bit of use though, but for the rest of the time there was never any intention to do much at all. We learned a couple of things that we need to do before heading off again, like a couple of things we hadn’t packed. We did not take the awning and for the first few days while the weather was hot, would you believe that Queensland was classed to have had a heat wave, but for the last few days it would have been nice to have a wall or two up to block out the cold wind so we wouldn’t have had to spend so much time inside. I am going to have to give a fair consideration to what we are going to do for internet connection whilst travelling because with the advent of using windows 10, and cloud storage, I find I am using a lot more data than before. I don’t know that I am prepared to just go off for another week like this again as I really did miss the comfort of home, but if we have somewhere specific to go, like visit Peter in Rockhampton, then there would be no problem. In fact, I think I am looking forward to taking the van to Melbourne again this Christmas, and take a bit of time to have a look at an area we have not seen, or would like to return to.

Clontarf, on the road again.

Friday 22nd July 2016, Clontarf.

We have once again packed up the van and gone for a week away. A trip to Clontarf, about 40K away is all we have done, but we look at it as if it may as well be 1000K, we are not home and we are at the beach. We arrived here yesterday and will be here for a week of doing nothing. We have been here before, a couple of years ago, and still it is a reasonably priced park, as are all the Moreton Bay council parks. This is demonstrated by the fact that the only reason we got in here is because just before I rang up to book someone had cancelled, and the park is completely full.

We are readjusting to life in the caravan, as it is different this time being short term hauls. We have to decide what we need to take instead of getting in all we have. We must get used to doing without a lot of things, such as all the tools I used to carry. I have to get used to not doing any work while away as it is regarded as holiday now. Other things have changed as well such as Internet access, we have now connected to NBN at home and cancelled the mobile broadband we did have, so now we have basically nothing portable, except for the small amount of data on our phones, so it is a test to see how we manage, and whether or not we are going to need something else. Telstra air could be another option except it is so slow, and we don’t have any here in the park, and I do not intend chasing it.


Thursday 30th June 2016, Caboolture.

What has happened over the past month? Linda came back from Melbourne with a monster of a cold, and I think is just now getting over it. It took a couple of weeks but she gave it to me as well. This would have to be the worst I have had due to an extremely bad ear infection that came with it. I haven’t been able to hear for the past couple of weeks, and that in itself makes things seem a lot worse than they actually are. No proper balance first thing in the morning until I fully get my bearings is not a nice feeling at all. I have been on meds for the last week or so and things are starting to improve. My hearing is still not one hundred per cent and that still makes me feel somewhat ill, even though I am sure I am almost fully recovered. I have called a halt on doing much or going anywhere for the past couple of weeks so I could fully recover without going out in the cold weather we are having of late. We haven’t even visited K&A for a while, she is not well either though. I even missed a day at the museum, first for a while, it actually made me feel a little guilty, like taking a sickie or something.

We had planned to go away in the van for the past week, but originally it was the school holidays with filled caravan parks that put us off, but now it turns out it would not have been a good idea to go anyway, with my illness. It has been a bit different finding things to do around the house, or just simply doing nothing for a while, but it was somewhat enjoyable. I actually found some time to try to put together another presentation for the computer club, which reminds me I do have another couple to look at.


Thursday 26 May 2016, Caboolture.

Another month has passed by, and a few things have happened.

I have finally gotten the caravan re-registered, and it turned out not to be such a drama as first thought. I took it in to have a safety check and after weighing the van they then amended the stamping of the VIN plate with the TARE and ATM, so when I took it to registry they re-registered it without a problem. The idea of VIN plates, and their security of ownership, leaves me wondering though after this, and seeing what I did while at the registry office. Another gent was registering his trailer and had made a mistake with his VIN number, so he went in the yard, got his angle grinder from the boot, cordless, and proceeded to grind the old number off and restamp it with the correct one. It left me wondering exactly how easy it might be to just change a VIN number in the event the van might be stolen??? Probably not that easy though.

I am on my own again with Linda in Melbourne again for her usual grand-kid fix, and will be back next week. I am once again reminded profoundly about an old adage of mine: “There is only one thing worse than having nothing to do, and that is having no-body to do it with”. I generally do not mind a quiet period of relaxing, looking out the sun room window watching the world go by, but it is not the same when there is no-one to share the event with.

I am sure I have mentioned that I joined the committee of the local computer club, well they have me working my little but off, I have really been suckered into this one, but so far I don’t really mind so long as repairs are not expected of me if needed. They even have me doing presentations at meetings now, I have done a couple that I have built myself, but I am not sure how I will go if I have to present one that someone else may have built, we’ll see.

The men’s shed that I also joined is starting to progress with financial grants starting to come forth. This has boosted our bank account so we can now start to look at setting up an actual shed. We had a meeting today to vote for a site for our shed and an almost unanimous decision was made, so hopefully construction work will commence shortly.

Ronald & Linda Tew, All over the countryside